August 24, 2022 What İs Hair Botox?

What İs Hair Botox?

What is Hair Botox?

Over time, hair wears out from dyeing, bleaching, blow drying, flat irons and external influences. When the hair is worn out it looks dull, lifeless and uncared, and doesn’t get any shape and the main reason for this is the breakdown of keratin in the hair structure. Keratin deficiency can be seen in damaged hair. Hair botox is the process performed to restore the damaged hair. The main component of hair botox (keratin botox) is keratin. This process can also be referred to as keratin preservation or keratin loading. This process gives the hair the lost keratin and also volume, shine and softness.

Keratin restores lost moisture to lifeless strands of hair. The hair fiber, which appears lifeless and dull, becomes shiny and radiant. Hair botox nourishes the hair from root to tip and also gives flexibility to the hair structure. It promotes hair growth. When special keratin is applied to the hair structure that has been stressed by external influences, it protects the hair from its damaged structure. With hair botox the hair gets the necessary protein. This makes the hair look soft and well-groomed and ensures hair repair. With the help of keratin-containing hair botox, hair loss and breakage are eliminated.

Loss of keratin in hair is caused by improper processes or external factors applied to hair. When keratin is lost, hair looks dry, dull and lifeless. In this case, your hair will regain its old appearance with Keratin Botox / Hair Botox, which is very practical to use and can be done at the hairdresser or at home. With its special formula, keratin soothes the hair, moisturizes it and gives the hair volume. During hair botox hair care, the necessary proteins are activated and the hair is repaired, as well as giving the necessary care to hair that has dried out due to wear and tear.

The main reason for the lifeless, dull, dry appearance of the hair is the lack of keratin in the hair. The keratin deficiency in the hair ends when the keratin use that the hair needs is met. This lack in the hair must be covered. The hair botox that we apply repairs the hair structure. Therefore, it provides healthy care for dull and dry hair that has lost its vitality. It repairs every damaged strand of hair and provides the necessary care. It forms a protective layer on the hair strands and thus gives each strand volume and strengthens the hair structure. With the help of the nourishing substances it helps the hair to grow healthily. It also prevents hair breakage. It provides keratin in the hair, which should be present in sufficient quantities in the hair structure, and provides a structure that protects the hair from external influences. It is applied to damaged hair and helps repair thin and worn hair strands.

Natura Keratin Hair Botox repairs and protects your hair that has been treated or damaged by external impacts such as sea salt and dry air. It offers hair care with hair botox. It helps the hair to achieve the desired shine and vitality. Thus, it provides hair care and repair and health of the hair. It prevents hair loss. Hair that has been thinned and weakened by incorrect applications or procedures will be strengthened. It prevents breakage and split ends. It helps to comb the hair easily. Worn strands of hair are cared for with hair botox.