Security (3D Secure & SSL)

In order to ensure maximum security during your payments, "3D SECURE" is used to provide payment traffic smoothly.
we use. Required information for making payments include credit card number, expiration date, etc. information is not stored by Natura Keratin. This information is transferred to the contracted banks without any intermediary.

The transfer of information takes place with 256-bit SSL Encryption.

You can check the lock icon in the address bar to verify the website's SSL certificate.

What is 3D Secure?

The 3-D Secure protocol developed by VISA has also been accepted by Mastercard and introduced as an application requirement.
The International Security Platform is the most advanced system developed by Visa to increase the security of virtual shopping transactions. The application of the system prepared for the use of Visa credit cards is called "Verified by Visa", and the application prepared for the use of MasterCard credit cards is called "SecureCode".
According to the system, during the virtual payment transaction, the customer is asked for the payment password by the bank, thus verifying the identity of the cardholder. In this way, it is ensured that the use of credit cards on the internet by unauthorized persons is prevented.