Membership and Terms of Use

Membership and Terms of Use

This section contains the general usage rules and legal responsibilities of the site. Please read carefully.

PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING TERMS CAREFULLY is a virtual shopping site open to all of Turkey and Europe. The services provided for all members are standard and free of charge. You are deemed to have accepted the following conditions in advance when using the site and filling out the membership form that will include your personal information. Fuer cosmetics reserves the right to change the following terms and general terms of use.

Based on the following items, Natura Keratin may terminate the member's connection with the site, as a result, it reserves the legal rights of the person or persons attempting the following items.

1- Statements against the general moral rules and TR. In case of uploading incomplete, incorrect, misleading, insulting information to the site, in case of uploading information that does not comply with the law.

2-To be in situations that enable partial or complete copying of all kinds of materials on the site, their personal and personal use, and the acquisition of false information in the public.

3- That member is directly responsible for transferring or allowing the use of the right to use the information required for accessing the site, such as the user name and password, which are given to the members or determined by each member himself, to third parties or institutions.

The member cannot use another user's IP address, e-mail address, user name and password on the internet, nor can he access or use private information of other members. Attempting to steal information on the site in this way.

4-To threaten the security of the site, to prevent software from working, to steal information and to attempt to use, delete or change that information.

5-As a result of the determination of Fuer cosmetics, the persons and persons who have attempted to reach and apply the above substances, to try to gain unfair advantage, Fuer cosmetics; It has the right to take advantage of the rights granted by the Turkish laws and to sue such persons or persons, to cancel the membership of the member or members, and to terminate the sales contract unilaterally and not to host them on the site.

6-While the member uses and the services it provides, the Turkish Penal Code, the Turkish Commercial Code, the Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works, the Statutory Decrees and Legal Regulations on the Protection of Brand and Patent Rights, the Code of Obligations, other relevant legislation provisions, and Fuer cosmetics' agrees to comply with all kinds of announcements and notifications that will be published in relation to its services. All legal, material and moral responsibilities that may arise due to these notifications and illegal use belong to the member.

7-Natura Keratin member cannot attempt to prevent or complicate other members and visitors from using Fuer cosmetics. Members of these undertakings are deemed to have accepted the legal and penal responsibility that may arise as a result, as well as their membership will be canceled quickly.

8-As in this agreement, Fuer Kozmetik may temporarily or indefinitely exclude his membership from the Natura Keratin virtual shopping site due to the member not complying with the general rules while using Natura Keratin.

All rights of materials such as articles, descriptions, separators, photographs, images, videos, sounds, presented in 9-Fuer Kozmetik are reserved. It cannot be used for commercial or personal purposes without permission. The use of any element on this site in any other place is strictly prohibited without the knowledge of Natura Keratin.

10-The member cannot delete or remove the copyright, trademark and all kinds of Intellectual and Artistic Works Law data on any material copied from Fuer Kozmetik.

It is the responsibility of the individuals to take backups of the correspondence between Fuer cosmetics and the member. Natura Keratin cannot be held responsible for any malfunctions that may occur due to loss, damage or deletion of correspondences.

Removing all kinds of products offered for sale on the Fuer cosmetic site, variability of product prices, service version terms of use, etc. reserves the right to make changes to the materials that make up the general structure of the site.

Every visitor who is a member of Fuer Kozmetik is deemed to have accepted all kinds of commercial electronic messages coming from Natura Keratin as soon as they define their contact addresses in the system in their e-bulletin membership.

If the member site user does not want to receive commercial electronic messages from Natura Keratin, he can prevent such messages from being received by sending an e-mail to expressing his/her request.

Fuer Kozmetik accepts and undertakes that the member will not benefit from the services in the contract, technical failures and extraordinary situations (country-wide), and will not share the system access permissions and the personal information defined by the member to the system with third parties or organizations, except for legal obligations. The member or members of Natura Keratin's work Natura Keratin has the right to investigate or disclose the identity information of the relevant member or members due to the detection of attempts or attempts to cause malfunctions, or a criminal complaint or investigation request from the TR official authorities against the member or members.

Fuer Kozmetik reserves the right to make changes on the website, such as stopping the website from time to time, visual design changes on the website in order to ensure the continuity of the service it provides. In such a case, it reaches its member via messages in order to inform the current member of the changes. Due to this situation, it is deemed to have accepted this article at the time of signing up to receive such messages.

The member is deemed to have read, understood and accepted all articles of these membership and terms of use and is deemed to have declared, accepted and committed that he has approved the accuracy of the information he has given about himself.

After completing the form in the new membership section, Fuer Kozmetik member can start using by entering his username and password, following the conditions specified in this contract.